Hosted Voice A La Carte

Designed for partners, resellers, and very small companies that do not require a managed solution, Broadvox Hosted Voice A La Carte (GO!VBX) is a customizable hosted VoIP solution that integrates seamlessly with any IT infrastructure. Businesses can enjoy advanced IP-enabled features, save up to 50% over traditional telephony, and minimize their cost per seat with flexible pricing.

Hosted Voice A La Carte (GO!VBX) is hosted on redundant, geographically dispersed servers in the privately owned Broadvox cloud. It works with any broadband solution and is fully scalable for SMB and Enterprise businesses of all sizes.

Flexible Pricing Model

Broadvox GO!VBX separates the cost of features and calling plans, allowing you to pay only for what you need.

Feature components are billed at a consistent monthly rate. For local and long distance calling, you can select from Broadvox GO!Anywhere or GO!Local SIP Trunking. This gives you a choice of unlimited or metered long distance calling, plus the option to oversubscribe hosted seats to concurrent call paths.

Feature Components

Businesses can easily match their investment to the needs of each employee and add any company-wide services they need

  • Basic feature package. Designed for general business, support, and clerical personnel. Includes all the Class 5 calling features you expect, like Call Waiting and Three-Way Calling, plus basic SIP features and unified messaging (voicemail and voicemail to email).
  • Premium feature package. Builds on the basic package with advanced IP-enabled features to help high-value professional employees improve productivity, accessibility, and collaboration.
  • Add-on features.   We offer a variety of add-on services to meet specific business needs, such as Auto Attendant, Audio Conferencing, and Call Center Service.

Users can manage their features and settings around the clock through an intuitive web portal, which includes a comprehensive administrator panel.

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