Hosted Communications
Company-wide Services

Every Broadvox Hosted Communications solution includes a suite of company-wide services and the option for add-on services.

Company-wide Services included with your service:

Administrative Portal

An online portal providing advanced users management, service and feature configuration.

Voice Portal

All-employee access to voicemail and voicemail mailbox settings.

Anywhere Portal

A portal accessible via phone, enabling employees to use Fixed Mobile Convergence features.

Audio Conferencing Portal

Provides all employees of the same company a single phone number to dial for access to all audio conferencing bridges (shared, Hosted UC).

Account and Authorization Codes

Users can assign calls to specific codes for tracking purposes or call authorization.

Call Park

Suspend a call for an extended period of time to allow another member of the group to retrieve it.

Music on Hold

Customize the music your callers hear when a call is held or parked.


Optional Add-On Services:

Audio Conferencing Bridge

Standalone audio conferencing bridge for use by employees. Employees can schedule a conference call or spontaneously set one up with no reservation.

Auto Attendant Menu

The system takes calls and delivers them to their destination. This tool includes a customizable menu of options to complete call routing.

Directory Listing

Registration of a single local or Toll-Free DID (name and/or number) with the National Registry Database.

Hunt Group

Control distribution of incoming calls by determining how you want incoming calls from a central number to hunt for an idle user in the group.

Reserved Telephone Numbers

Purchase a bank of numbers to keep in reserve for future growth and assign them as needed.

Toll-Free Telephone Number

Secure the inbound toll-free numbers you need for your business. International toll-free numbers from select countries also available.

Voice Mailbox

Standalone voice mailbox that can be used as a shared or secondary mailbox.

Voice and Fax Mailbox

Standalone mailbox for both voicemails and fax messages.

Remote Call Forwarding

Allows all incoming calls to a telephone number to be re-routed to any other number.

Reserved Telephone Numbers

Maintain an inventory of telephone numbers to plan for future growth.

Call Center Queue

The Call Center service allows business agents to receive and queue incoming calls from a central phone number. Using this service, a business can establish technical assistance lines, customer support numbers, or order-taking centers.

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Broadvox recommends Snap Recordings for Professional, Studio-Mastered recordings that have been certified to work with our media services, such as Auto Attendants, Call Center Queues, Music on Hold, and Voicemail.

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